Integrative Health Now

The Whole Person Approach

Image of pale pink lotus flower floating on water

Our Mission

To create a peaceful environment,

To serve others mindfully with respect,

To educate others of their potential

To heal themselves and

To remind those, who have forgotten,

of their true nature…

“The best moment was receiving permission to be. Ease, Peace, and Clearing are the overall experience and leaving with the choice to move into another layer of LESS!”

D. Barnes

“My time with Trina gave me the opportunity to address whatever was alive in me. With her coaching I was able to go inward and find the answer(s) I sought… It is helpful to have a coach to give perspective and gain clarity in order to move forward in this life’s journey.”

Jay Willingham

“Mindful eating was a great gift. The experiences were a gateway to “paying attention”. I will hold the gift of color; taste and smell as I enjoy meals to come.”

Bobbie Kennedy