Integrative Bodyworks

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Since 1996 Trina has been exploring the unique qualities of therapies and how they affect each body structure differently. Not every ‘body’ is created equal. She noticed integrating techniques created remarkable results. This began the ‘soul’ purpose of integrative bodyworks.

Trina now integrates all she has studied, combining the best of techniques to give the best outcome, specifically for the client’s needs. Trina’s focus is working with acute care and chronic conditions. By tapping into muscle memory using multi-layered techniques in shorter sessions and closer together, the foundation is created for optimal results.

A few techniques that are used in integrative Bodyworks are: Neuro-muscular Re-education (trigger point), Cranio-Sacral, Myo-fascial Release, Yoga Therapy, and Essential Oils.

Initial Bodywork Sessions $110: Approximately 90 minutes includes Consultation, Bodywork treatment (varied CranioSacral/Massage and/or Yoga Therapies) with Evaluation.

Acute Care Health Plan $265: This plan includes the Initial Bodywork Session plus three 40-50 minute follow-up sessions once weekly.  This is to encourage muscle memory and increase healing time.  Together we discuss future treatment. Visits are extended for maximum care and Body Balance.

Body Balance and Maintenance $75: Maintaining wellness, after acute care, is essential. These sessions are 45-55 minutes and are designed specifically for the client. Length of time between sessions are then determined and may include CranioSacral/therapeutic yoga and/or health coaching.

Client Updates $85: Approximately 60-75 minutes. These sessions are for clients that have not had integrative bodywork in the last 6 months or have had a significant change in their health history, such as injury, post-surgery, and/or rehabilitation. Acute Care Package (4 sessions) $255.

Fusion Lifestyle Sessions $75 – $150: Combines CranioSacral/Yoga/Health Coaching or Massage. This is for those who have completed initial introduction to the therapies they want to combine.

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