Integrative Health Coaching

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The journey begins with YOU, your readiness to change and your Integrative Health Coach. Together we will explore the Duke Wheel of Health and the Seven Dimensions of Self Care, as partners in your journey to optimal health.

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This is your opportunity to reveal your best vibrant, healthy self! Yes, I said REVEAL, because it is already within you. Your Integrative Health Coach as your partner, will challenge, encourage and empower your every step with deep listening and holding the space for you to grow.

Self Discovery SessionĀ $150: Approximately 90 minute to 2 hour session includes in depth exploration of the Wheel of Health and the seven dimensions of self care. Using the Wheel of Health for self inquiry and forming the coach/client alliance, we begin the design of your personal health plan.

Integrative Health CoachingĀ $75: Approximately 45-55 minutes. Partnering together in your journey to optimal health, using the wheel of health and your personal health plan. A minimum of 6 sessions within a 3 month period is recommended. Distance coaching or in person.

Self Discovery Health Plan PackageĀ $450: Includes Self Discovery Session, Duke’s Health Plan Manual, and 5 follow up private sessions over a 2-3 month period. Phone sessions and/or in person. Emails for contact between sessions.

Fusion Lifestyle Sessions $75 – $150: Combines CranioSacral/Yoga/Health Coaching or Massage. This is for those who have completed initial introduction to the therapies they want to combine.

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